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Owner's manuals

 Haulmark trailer owners manual - 330kb, PDF

Sooner Trailers Owners Manual - 31 Mb, PDF

CM Trailers Owners manual - .mhtml format, 266kb

Interstate Trailers Owners Manual - .mhtml, 323kb

Maintenance manuals / procedures and Tech articles TRAILER WIRING - the best page I've ever found! 

Fyrman's Excellent "Installing a Brake Controller" thread

Haulmark Trailers Maintenance Schedule

7 way RV Connector trailer wiring diagram


Champion Trailers TECH ARTICLES 1

Champion Trailers TECH ARTICLES 2


Brake controller hookup - Archived thread from the Pirate4x4_Com Bulletin Board

How did you figure out your tongue weight - Archived thread from the Pirate4x4_Com Bulletin Board

Tekonsha Electronic Brake Controllers FAQ


Dexter Axle service manual - 477kb, PDF

Dexter Axle Frequently Asked Questions

Dexter Axle seal cross reference - 93kb, PDF

Dexter Axle brake part replacement - 102kb, PDF

Dexter Axle brake id - 78kb, PDF

Dexter Axle bearing cross reference - 101kb, PDF

Choosing a Trailer

Synthesis Engineering Services Article:

Part 1 -  Choosing the right Utility Trailer

Part 2 - Strength in good trailer design

Part 3 - What makes a trailer stable

Part 4 - Trailer Options for Versatility

Trailer Decking Steel vs_ Wood - Archived thread from the Pirate4x4_Com Bulletin Board

What is your opinion of the ultimate trailer - Archived thread from the Pirate4x4_Com Bulletin Board

What's your favorite style of trailer coupler - Archived thread from the Pirate4x4_Com Bulletin Board

Towing Tips, guidelines, and safety tips  

Draw Tite Towing Facts

Interstate Towing Tips

NHTSA Towing booklet - 284kb, PDF

Pace American Towing Guidelines

Trailer Times Trailer Safety Tips

TrailerSource - Trailer FAQ

TrailerSource Hitch and Towing Primer

Rules and Regulations


Canadian Trailer Towing Requirements

Designing and Building a Trailer  

Champion Trailers - info on building your own utility trailer

John De Armond's article on trailer construction - from the alt.hotrod Newsgroup

Trailer Parts and Catalogues  

Champion Trailers Catalogue - 7 Mb, PDF

Trailer Parts brochure - 355Kb, PDF

Redneck Trailer Supplies AWESOME catalogue - index, many PDF

Trailer Suppliers: Manufacturers, Dealers, and Parts Suppliers Index page of links to suppliers / manufacturers / parts suppliers
Trailer / Towing forums
Securing your Rig  

Chain Binders vs Rachet Axle Straps - Archived thread from the Pirate4x4_Com Bulletin Board

How to strap rig to trailer - Archived thread from the Pirate4x4_Com Bulletin Board

Trailer Pics Pics of lots of Trailers - good for getting an idea of what's available and what other's have built
Trailer Links

Society of Automotive Engineers:

American National Standards Institute:

Code of Federal Regulations:

Global Engineering Documents: 

National Electrical Manufacturers Association:

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

National Trailer & Towing Association Ltd (United Kingdom)

NHTSA Information for New Manufacturers:

NHTSA Manufacturer Information:

Code of Federal Regulations:

Trailer Lighting Posters:

State by State Lemon Law Information:

Transport Canada:

Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators:

Canadian Transportation Equipment Association:

Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association:


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