by Brandon Miller

Just after welding in the center supports

Even the flatbed hauls quite a bit of wood!

Here Joe is welding my bed rail
The finished rails

Since I first started thinking about making a flatbed I have seen some pretty neat designs, the latest made from 1" square with fenders built in so the bed can be a bit lower. I chose a simple design and since I did not want to lose storage space I sunk my toolbox into the flatbed for tool storage.

I am having a blast now! This truck IS a daily driver and a rockcrawler. The bed allows me not to worry in spots where I used to have to actually look where I was going ;)

The bed was made out of 2"x3"x3/16" square tubing, the bumper part was made with 2"x3"x1/8" tubing for a bit of added strength.  1"x2" supports were added in the middle and a 1/4" sheet of aluminm was used to top it off. My diamond plate tool box was sunk into the front of the bed.  I have about 12" of tire clearance but it is not nearly enough - the tires rub HARD.  I plan on lifting it a bit and cutting out small wheel wells for the tire clearance.

Update 11/20/99

I cut 2 of the 2" body lift blocks that I removed when I took the original bed off in half and lifted the flatbed about 1" to get a bit more clearance. The bed rail is finished and is quite handy for tying things is.



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