Land Cruiser
Rear Disc Brake Conversion
TSM Disc Brake Kit
1971 FJ40

This is a very simple bolt on kit that consists of GM rotors (modified) GM calipers brackets, and brake lines. The vehicle involved is a 71 FJ-40.  

Put the rig on jackstands and remove the tires. Then remove the diff cover and drain oil. Then remove the C-Clips and slide the axleshafts out.  

Take the six bolts that hold the brake backing plate to the housing off and remove the backing plate. Disconnect the brake lines.  

Using the the bolts supplied with the kit, bolt the caliper brackets onto the inside axle flange. The calipers should mount towards the rear of the Cruiser.  

Slide the axle shafts back into the housing, and slide the rotor onto the axle shaft. Put a couple of lug nuts on to hold the rotor in place. Attach the caliper to the bracket using the supplied bolts, and then thread the brake lines on.  

Put the clips back on the axles, replace the diff cover, and fill with gear oil. Put the tires back on, bleed the lines, and that's it! The approx price for the complete conversion is $500.  

This Tech article was written and compiled by Jeff Fretwell. Jeff can be reached via email at: