Rockin' Choke Cherry Canyon with the 667 Rockers
2100 miles one-way is not too far to drive for two days of wheeling, right?
Story and photos by Nolen "the Rock Midget" Grogan


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From there we headed over to the new 667 trail: Slick Line. This trail is not for the faint of heart. It starts with 3 solid climbs that range from slick rock to loose dirt to a wicked technical wedge. No one rolled over, but there was a lot of throttle going on in the late afternoon. This trail winds around to the top of the canyon with some great walls and ledges. I came within a split second of rolling down the hill after a bad bounce under throttle. Glenn was attacking the same ledge when he lost the bead on his rear tire. I was able to show Loren and Glenn the "starter fluid" method of seating a tire bead just as the afternoon storms hit. We loaded up and peeled out down the wash just ahead of the rain.

Jerry on Slick Line

That night, Loren's beautiful house and family hosted our Texas style BBQ feast. We all sat around and told lies and watched Scott's gay dog, Chopper hump everything from a tree to a Great Dane.

Speaking of gayness... I really don't know what's going on here.

After an early night, we were back at 'em with a quick trip up Intimidator since Jimbro had missed it on Friday night. We made quick work of this beautiful trail and Carl got his redemption on the last ledge and the "B5" climb in the comp area that had denied him Friday night. The "Farmington Bump" was becoming more familiar to the newcomers.

Intimidator for a reason

Rock Czar Barry Franklin standing on the spot where the Jeep went off the cliff

Next was Waterfall Trail. Now, this is the 667 "modified" Waterfall Trail we are talking about. It starts off with a sick series of ledges and a crack you must straddle or you will be in serous trouble. "Bypass Ben" joined us in his Toyota powered buggy for this trail. As Ben rounded the corner, he slipped in the crack, and his buggy died. After a 4-vehicle/winch extraction, the rest of the crew slipped up and around the corner and up yet another crazy climb.

BFG's are the tire of choice for the 667 Rockers

The next climb was steady throttle, with a mid-climb bump and turn.

Fred gave us a bit of a scare, but he slapped reverse and saved it

From the Waterfall Trail we headed over to Cobra and played on a crazy optional climb. This hill has a 3' ledge at the bottom that you have to bump up and over, then turn and shoot through a hole in the cliff all while using momentum. There was no stopping to regroup after the first ledge or you would slide back down. Rodney led the way and after the first shot bounced all the way down in an amazing show of throttle, dirt, bouncing scaring the crap out of all of us. Not to be put off, he jumped right back in the saddle and shot right up. This climb is 100% nuts but all that attempted it made it up.

While we were all climbing the Cobra option, Josh ran across the canyon and helped some old guy that had rolled his RZR. He was the hero of the day and the man was at the trailer to thank him again when we got out.

Jack in the throttle on the way down

The Midget, happy to be at the top...

Tracy Jordan and his crew showed up and he made quick work of the climb and then turned around and drove DOWN it. It was very cool and the Rock Bug is a marvel of engineering.

We finished up the trip with a run through RJ's Trail. The 667 lines through here did not disappoint. Carl flopped his buggy on the very last climb to close out the trip. It was slow and easy, and pretty funny.

Rodney pulling the high line

Jeremiah getting high

Josh took his CJ-5 everywhere the buggies went with ease

You can see the look of concern on the 667 guys as Carl rolls over LOL

Once we got him up, we all headed out for the parking area. The coolest thing about wheeling in Farmington is the 667 Rockers themselves. These guys are a class act. They are the most hospitable bunch of guys I have ever wheeled with and I have wheeled all over this country. As Barry said on the Waterfall Trail, "the 667 guys have taken the original Farmington Trails and raised the bar." Our group was so impressed with their trails, their stewardship, camaraderie and skills. These guys go through the effort to break new ground, build new trails and raise the bar so guys like me can hang up the keyboard and put up or shut up. We put up, but it was a wild ride!

L-R Scott, Jimbro, Rodney, Loren, Fred, Jeremy, Josh, Ben, Carl, Jeremiah, Jack, Barry and the TJ Dude

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