UROC ProNational Event #5 2005 Vernal, UT
Brought to you by Superior Axle & Gear and Marlin Crawler


 Series Points





It's the last event of the UROC Pro Series for the year and these drivers know it! The pressure is on to make a good showing. Every driver is pushing their rigs to the limit and trying to find that extra little bit to pull a head of the crowd. Here are the day one standings as of 6 PM Friday. Saturdays event starts at 10AM.

Day One Scores - Modified

Team Position Score
Lovell / Lovell 1 68
Bullock / Munford 2 80
Sisson / Sisson 3 85
Stumph / Stumph 4 95
Errea / Schwiesow 5 105
Clough / Mabey 6 115
Whitmore / Williams 7 122
Bulloch / Bulloch 8 123
Schneider, Dave 9 128
Webster / Klein 10 128
Hanks / Candelaria 11 132
Mellow, Jeff 12 134
Beard / Beard 13 138
Bailey / Bailey 14 156

Day One Scores - Super Modified

Team Position Score
Wells / Wells 1 26
Evans / Campbell 2 47
Berger / Ness 3 52
Campbell / Dieu 4 54
Paule / Wadeson 5 54
Bunch, Jason 6 55
Robbins, Don 7 56
Jacobs / Merrill 8 60
Randall / Jorgensen 9 62
Blume, Ken 10 65
Scherer / Goodrich 11 74
Jordan, Tracy 12 76
Torbett / Nixon 13 78
Gilleland / Williams 14 81
Sessions / Hensel 15 82
WIlliams / Ayres 16 88
Gadsden / Cosner 17 90
Mazonni / Socha 18 91
Schaffer, Mike 18 97
Little / Little 20 108
Seller / Poston 21 109
Clifford / Clifford 22 110
Hildebrand 23 112
Garrett / Geoller 24 113
Brown / Brown 25 118
Woolley / Reid 26 123
Howe / Lazzelle 27 125
Webster / Johnson 28 126


  On obstacle #3, Kelly rolls over but it's still good! The rear axle passes the finish gates!

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  The waterfall drop off at the end of course #4 had a lot of drivers fully puckered up. It's a 6 foot drop off on rock!

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2:00 PM Update

Course #2 has been an incredibly difficult obstacle. Kelly Clifford was the first to taste this nasty section of rock. Despite their best efforts, Kelly and Lance were unable to climb up this section.


Jason Scherer was talking to me before he started his attempt up #2. He thought he was going to just crawl up it and there would not really be anything worth taking a photo of. Well #2 denied him access and slammed him down to the bottom in defeat. Just a little tougher then he was planning for. Other drivers now really worried about this section.

Next up on #2 was Dustin Webster in the Red Bull ROCK-IT truck. Dustin tried a different approach, he winched up the face taking a 30 point penalty but was still designed when on the other side he got tangled up with a 10 point cone, causing him to point out before completion.

Also giving this section a try was Tracy Jordan. Jordan also started out #2 on the end of a winch. In a bit of a controversial call, the judges called a 10 point oil spill on Tracy. The Judges did not seem to notice this until the announcer was pointing it out to audience. While the Judge called the spill, he did not seem to notice the fact that Jordan had pointed out at this point (10 for spill, 30 for winch) and let him complete the course. It was not until completing the course that Tracy was told he had pointed out.

Mike Shaffer also was on #2 this morning and was the first driver to score any points on this obstacle. He winched the face and stayed away from the cones taking 10 points for the obstacle.

Bruce Zeller Team #180 Rolled so hard off of Course #3 that he shattered his right front wheel when he landed.  


10:30 AM Update

With the scheduled start of the today's event just minutes away drivers and spotters are climbing the hills and analyzing the courses. Below are a few photos of the teams and staff preparing for today's event. Start time is 11:00AM Mountain Time.

Special Thanks to Creighton King and the Maxxis Team for the use of their trailer as a base of operation for our coverage this weekend.

By Chris Geiger