Vegas 2 Reno (the long way!)
Story and photos by Charlene Bower and Jon Crowley


8/19/09 – Contingency
Henderson, NV

Today was the beginning of the excitement. Contingency at a big race like this is the time for factory support to reach out to drivers to show them that they are there, and for drivers to in turn show support of the products.

It was a long, hot day out on the asphalt of the Sunset Station in Henderson, NV. Truly reaching temperatures over 110. Maxxis tires was kind enough to let me camp out in front of their rig and even supplied the much needed EZ UP! This positioned me in probably the best place possible…right at the exit. I could see every car that finished the day…they met tech inspection, they went through contingency, their safety equipment was approved, and their tracker was installed and worked.

I was really excited to get to talk to a lot of people today and post the interviews up live… I know the Pirate4x4 nation is used to the live video format…but I’m just not that cool yet, and heck, did you really want to see a bunch of sweaty guys? The list boasted of a lot of very impressive names including: Jason Carner, Travis Carpenter, Dan Trout, Rob Usnick, Dean Bulloch, Kevin Sacalas, Rick Mooneyham, Ben Napier, Matt Legg, Brandon Watson, Brandon Schueler, Chris Ridgway, Dave Cole, Jeff Knoll, Joe from Vision X, Lil Rich from WE Rock, Mike Lasher, Pistol Pete, Signal Greenberg, Steve Hanson and Steve Strobel. We also had two very special interviews with Casey Folks and Ivan Stewart. Quite the line up of personalities!

After contingency was over, there was a little break before the start of the drivers meeting. Casey Folks is a true professional at communicating and getting everyone race ready for the safest and environmentally friendly race possible. There was quite a bit of great information given out, nothing that had changed from the original paperwork, but certainly some key points that needed to be stated.

The Parking lot went from mid-pack this morning to bulging full this afternoon to practically empty tonight. The vehicles and the drivers are getting their last few hours of sleep in anticipation of a green light that will start the 12th running of the BITD Vegas to Reno race!