WEROC Pro Nationals - Globe, AZ
Presented by Alloy USA

April 8-9, 2006
Story by Mike and Jodi Weaver
Photos by Mike and Jodi Weaver, and Lance Clifford



Globe, Arizona (April 9, 2006)

UPDATE - 2006-04-09 10:00AM

Here are the final day 1 scores. Cody Waggoner leads the pack by 22 points.

After day one's fierce competition, the fun began with trash talking about Artic Cat vs. Yamaha. Here Dean Bullock shows his true competitiveness by holding Nick Campbell's Rhino from pulling away.

UPDATE 2006-04-09 10:17AM

Day two - another great day here in Globe, Arizona. The temperature is warm and the action is sure to be HOT. We have a close points race between the Top 5 Super Mods with Cody Waggoner leading the pack at -75. In the Mod Legends class - Team Lovell is schooling the field with a -2. Watch for Jeff Mello to close in on the front, after a quick fix of his steering ram last night he is ready to go. The Modified Stock division has Buzz Bronsema leading the group with a 29 for the day. The next closes team is Troy Bailey with a 79, he definetly has some ground to make up. In the Formula Toy class we have John James in first with a 73 and Hobie Smih hot on his heels with a 79.

WE-Rock has obtained their GLOBAL DOMINATION and the competition area has proven to be a tough battle ground for the teams. With the local crowds and a full vendor row this is a top notch event.

UPDATE 2006-04-09 11:15AM

Shane Yost in his Crane/Maxxis sponsored rig on the B2 course - after hitting almost every cone and rolling over still managed to finish one of the hardest courses of the day, much to the crowds delight (I must say it was the best display of peeling out I have seen in some time). Starting the day out in the middle of the pack Team Crane Wrecking Crew is working hard to finish in the Top 10 and put on a hell of a show. They seem well on their way to doing just that.


Trail Gear struggling a bit on the A2 course.

Bruce Zeller spanking B3 with only one backup.

Team Papola lifts it's rear tire while backing through the course.

Peter Mazzoni running the "Infamous Vader"on the front of his Diablo.

Making the B1 course look easy, Tracy Jordon manages to complete it with
only take a couple of backups.

Team Purple in the AEM buggy struggles to make the climb on B2, but finally
makes it after taking a cone.

Brad and Roger Lovell elect to winch the bonus line on A4 and still ended up
with only 2 points
total for the course.

UPDATE 2006-04-09 12:30PM

Trail Tough team pulls off an awesome front wheelie.

The Modified Legends class is shaping up to be a close battle. Jeff Mello fought A3 and finished with 5 seconds to spare, despite a very re-bent steering ram. Becca Webster struggled with the climb on A4 and timed out by 4 seconds. Dean Bullock set the lowest score of the weekend on A4 which will put him back into the hunt for first place after Brad Lovell hit three cones on A1.

Amazingly it still sort of works!

Becca's Battle on A4.

Glenn Bonner pilots his Dave'z OffRoad & Performance sponsored
buggy to an impressive 14 point finish on course A3.

UPDATE 2006-04-09 2:01PM

Bob Standage's run on A3 was going smoothly until he pulled off what I believe to be the longest front stoppie in WE-Rock history.


UPDATE 2006-04-09 2:20PM

Brad and Roger Lovell in their Fabtech/Alloy USA Ranger rolled off the top rope and landed back on their wheels. With seconds to spare, he finished the course at full throttle with a respectable 14 points.

Day one was pretty tough on Scott Ellinger in his RockStomper/Swayaway sponsored buggy after they took 40 points on two courses and struggled with some mechanical woes but have come back strong with negatives on both the courses they have run so far today.

UPDATE 2006-04-09 3:26PM

Weston Blackie givin it hell. He put on a great show for the crowd but in the end B3 destroyed his oil pan.

Shannon Campbell on B2 -he took out a cone and finished the course in reverse.

Somebody should have told Todd McClullen he's supposed to drive
through the course not fly.

Robert McKenne - Hammered Down to make the climb on B2 and ended up breaking a rear ring and pinion in the process.

Tracy Jordan aka "SHC" gets mad air on the face of B3, after hitting a
cone he makes it to the top at full throttle.

The points leader #117 - Cody Waggoner made a perfect climb up the face of B3 only to back into a cone that he worked so hard to miss.

Jeff Mellow has won the event and had elected to not run his last course but after some boos from the crowd he decided to give the obsticle a run. Now that's what we like to see. Congrats Jeff!

Shannon had to get atleast -14 to lock up first place so thats exactly what he did. With some of the best driving of the event he won the event by 6 points. Nice job Shannon.

A very focued Cody Waggoner on the final course of the day during the Shoot Out. Cody took second.

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