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FWIW, I acknowledge that PBB is a valid cross-section in and of itself. I ain't arguing that.

Here's another data point, FWIW ... I have ten envelopes in front of me for ten weekends Rubicon Trail Foundation (RTF) has counted at our Ellis Creek Counting Station thus far this summer. I picked one June weekend at random, and counted the destinations:
* 33 rigs: Spider / Little Sluice (29%)
* 34 rigs: Buck Island Reservoir (30%)
* 24 rigs: Tahoe (21%)
* 10 rigs: Rubicon Springs (9%)
* 01 rigs: Loon Lake (started at Tahoe) (1%)
* 02 rigs: Ellis Creek (2%)
* 09 rigs: did not specify (8%)
I'm swamped right now and can't work the numbers any further, but RTF is collecting this data and will make it public after we get it processed.

I can't correlate this data with the poll, FWIW. Both can be fully valid separately, even if they aren't tied together.

There are some cool patterns in the data -- holiday weekends, regular weekends, and midweek days have significantly different totals, patterns, and destinations. Backing out events like WFTW, JJ, and AJC helps make those patterns a little more obvious, but it is important to count those, as well. There is a lot of number-crunching ahead.

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