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Dave and Friends on this thread:
I love to share stories of the Rubicon and of the "Book Experience" and yes I have several that weren't part of the book itself.
I called it the most censored - uncensored book ever written, because of all the wonderful stories I heard from the Jeepers Jamboree Committee members themselves and other I interviewed for the book. They would start telling these wonderful stories, and then say..."But don't print this.." or "Don't ever tell anyone I said this..." and then laugh. Of course the stories always had to do with one of the many, many jokes the guys played on each other and didn't ever want to be known as the "one who did it" or the "one behind the mischief."
They (the Original Committee Men) spent a lot of time setting up and planning tricks and surprises on each other...that is how the Cave Men and Gorillas became a permanent part of the trail scenery on the Jeepers Jamboree runs. They (the OCM) had gotten such a kick out of scaring each other, they started adding it as a "trail sight" and everyone loved it. Still do!!!
As I write this I can still hear the echoes of laughter from the late Jack Warner, as he told his tales of mischief along the trail. I'm convinced that the best part of running the Rubicon Trail is the telling of the tale when we get home and share the past experiences with friends. Of course it is tradition that the stories get bigger and better with the telling. AND that is a FACT!
It has been years since I have actually done any research or interviews, but out in my barn I still have the original tape recorded interviews from the 1980's I made of each of the Jamboree Committeemen and their families, and will take the time to dig them out and see what unwritten stories I might be able to find. [We lost our home and several file cabinets of my collected history in 2002, but I know much of the Jamboree stuff is still in the barn]
I'm looking forward to reading other stories on this thread and will share as I can and if others are really interested, I tend to get "wordy" once I get going.
And, Tim, I agree, it is "Our Trail," and a lot of people have worked hard and continue to work hard to keep it that way!
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