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great pics tim! 80" wheelbase rigs went the way of the dinosaurs-i'm still running one-but it is not very practical!!!. if you ever need parts for your stocker you know who to talk to. talked to steve "b" tonight and directed him to this thread-he owns the powder blue 71 c5j that is in this thread-we both agreed we are old old skool guys.... i guess the next step is white canes and trained dogs to help us find our way all kidding aside some of the best people i've ever met were trail users. john a has the 1st book by peg presba in his posession now.hope he enjoys looking through it-it is 400+ pages of rubicon history! maybe if he sees something interesting-he might scan and post up pics like you did tim! john is a very busy guy too! if he has some spare time with the scanner-that would be cool-if not-it is o.k.-he has a lot of responsibilities that come 1st. i would like to thank everyone here for sharing your pics/links/personal experiances regarding the rubicon trail. if anyone has some more old pics/history/storys to share please do!!!!
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