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Originally Posted by Snoopy View Post
"Grade-C Lock nuts" are nuts with crimped ends to create a nylock-effect without the use of nylon. I use them all the time.
I've always referred to those as "top locks"

I don't know how hard it is to drill out a Grade 8 bolt for a cotter key, but I can tell you that I've tried re-drilling a TRE to take a cotter key and I failed.

I put a '73 Buick pitman arm on my Scout II box with my high steer, to keep the draglink from getting pinched by the leaf spring at full bump.

This raised the steering box end of the draglink, but the TRE stuck up and hit the frame.

At first, I ground the excess shank.

Then I ground some more.

Then some more.

Pretty soon, the cotter key hole was gone, but I eventually got to where it would all clear - without any safety key.

I applied some Red Loctite.. but it wasn't much longer before my nerves got the better of me and I bought a new TRE, then notched and plated the frame to make room for the full length TRE with cotter pin.

This, on a Scout that only sees action on a closed course, with full safety gear.

I was just too nervous about it.

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