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MIG welding with Helium??

Ok, I just picked up a 125 bottle at the local swap meet that was used for helium balloons... I asked the local welding gas shop if I could use the bottle for Ar/CO2 and they said sure, so I bought it... What I did not know, until i picked it up, was that it is over 1/2 full of helium... Since helium is an inert gas, I wondered if I could MIG weld with it... I searched the google and gained myself some knowledge. So, Helium isn't used alone because it is thinner than air therefore could cause erratic arc and encourage spatter... I am wondering if a high rate of gas would eliminate this issue... The He in the tank is free, so I wouldn't care about waste... If it is just not feasible, I will fill the tank the rest of the way with Argon and use a mixture somewhere between 50%-75% He/Ar, which from what I read is very useful for welding steel... Just wondering, thanks...
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