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Originally Posted by INFAMOUSBUTCHER View Post
instead of paying for a used ignitor and coil that will probably go out just like the one i had or paying 300$ for a new one i opted for the "easy" gm conversion . like seabass did but instead of using a 1000 ohms resistor and the stock coil i bought a coil for a 1973 chevy truck 350 v8 (or any round coil with negative/positive terminals on it) (11.99 autozone) and a "ignition module" from a 1985 chevy k10 350 v8 truck (14.99 autozone) .

your igntion hot wire (or any hot wire if you wanna have a toggle switch hidden some where) goes to the b terminal on the gm ign modu then from term b run a wire to the positive term on the gm coil. then run a wire from the c term on the gm ign mod to the negative term on the gm coil. then the g and w term on the ign mod go to the two wires coming out of the distributor cap. just use trial and error hooking them up, if you hook em wrong it will idle real high and fast rough, if you hook em up right itll run perfect. theres only two wires so its 50/50 not too hard.

soddering would be best on all the new connections along with grease, also on the bottom side of the gm ignition module is metal that is your ground to bolt it or wire that to your old ground on the fender .

anymore questions feel free to pm me

this would be the correct was to wire my 350 sbc then right?????
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