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I'm a member of Deschutes County 4 Wheelers, and I'm very happy to hear all the positive comments about this trail. Just to reiterate what everyone else is saying, keep the area clean, unstack any rocks you stack (keep it fresh and difficult for everyone), respect the boundary areas (we tried to keep them as large as possible wherever we could so people had lots of room to play), and HAVE FUN! There are people that don't love our sport, and keep a close eye on the area, so the more we can leave it exactly like it is now, the better.

That being said, I sure love the trail! Lots of hard work and muscle went into it, and its so worth it. The main drag through the lower area is challenging but isn't horrible. Like Bobert said, we had a guy go through there with 33's, but he did winch a few times. We have also had a guy with a CJ5 on 35's go through there many many times, and he has a d30 front end, and his damage toll for this year is a dinged exhaust tip! We have had our fair share of carnage though (torn soft tops, mangled windshield frames, tires off the rims, etc) The last pic in the first set of pics posted is a good obstacle, VERY tight rock spot to fit through, especially for full-width rigs! The upper area is great after you make it through the lower section. Its a bit easier and has GREAT scenery! The trail is great to run to the end, then turn around and come back through, instead of going back on the road, just fyi.

Anyway, I love the trail, just thought I'd ramble about it for a bit, it sure is fun and beautiful.
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