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I hate to beat a dead horse but I have to bring this one back up.
I have read the entire post but Im puzzled.
I have completed the swap as mentioned above. I did not use a resistor though. I have the GM coil and Module. when I hook everything up I dont get any spark. now before I did the swap I didnt have any spark either (just bought the truck,not running with no spark) I didnt want to invest in the toyota coil and module so I decided to do this swap to save some cash.
so no spark with the correct setup. however if I connect my test light to the (+) positive side of the coil and probe the signaling wires going to the dist. I get spark. I fooled with this thing all day today and cannot come to a conculsion what Im doing wrong. should I check all grounds? why is the coil not putting anything out unless I force power to the signaling wires?
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