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I've done a little. Blow through, and draw through.

Blow through with a boost-referenced mechanical fuel pump. Single T04E on a 360. Not big enough. 620 LB-FT @ 10PSI @ 2100 RPM. Needed two of those turbos to actually be 'right'.
EDIT: and note - you CAN weld an air cleaner together and seal it up - but it still won't make a good carb hat!!

Draw through T04B (V-2) on a 304 in a waggy. I was actually very happy with this setup.

You know people are going to flame your ass off and tell you that it is impossible and it will never have throttle response and it will be impossible to control and you are throwing horsepower and money away by trying to use a carb, right?

It's just a good thing we don't get all the government we pay for.

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