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uhaul trailer

A trailer was always part of the plan. Wanted to build something small enough that it wouldn't limit where I could go, but large enough to haul all my tools and toys. The trailer would be outfitted as a sort of a mobile workshop, and would store extra fuel, water, propane, etc. With all these things onboard, it would also be able to function as a self-contained basecamp. I asked some questions on SS and decided to build on an M353 trailer chassis. Ended up buying one through govliquidation.com for about $300. Had to wait for my EUC to clear and then drive up to Ft. Lewis to retrieve it, but for $300 I wasn't complaining.

The next purchase I made was a uhaul truck with a 12ft box that I scored for $600. Had to drive to Idaho to pick that up. Pulled the box off as soon as I got back and listed the truck for sale. The plan was to set this relatively lightweight box on top of the heavy-duty trailer chassis. Total trailer weight would be about 4,000lbs (empty).

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