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no problem. just so you know, Bill and I are kinda in the middle of one of our 'net research projects, trying to find an economical way to get beadlocks up here. So far we're striking out, but if you are really interested in bead locks ask one of us in a while and we'll probably have a good idea on what's going on.

I've been looking at the do it yourself kits, kinda like the rock stompers except that the bolts sticking through towards the inside of the rim are sure to bring heat around here, even if they don't know what they're bringing the heat on about ..... the other options are Bart's or other circle track racing applications, which all seem more or less the same (16 bolts, thin rings).

See the latest Cripple Creek report? There's a video clip near the bottom of me climbing a rock wall, if you download it and play it you can clearly see the tire went flat on me.....

the bead didn't break, which is really cool (was running 5 psi before it went flat), but when I backed down it one time it ALMOST broke, and that let all the air out (unbeknownst to me at the time). Anyway, since then I've been interested in bead locks, but getting anything all the way up here is so freaking expensive it's unreal.

I really like this new one put out by Allied Racing Wheels, but even their best price equates to at least 1600$ canadian - for steel wheels!!!

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