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yeah, i was thinking of making a set like rock-stompers....... i like to try new things, i'm going to see how much it will cost to get the rings cut realy clean(just one rim) and then i'm going to try it on one of my old stock rims and if it works out i'll cut it off and put it on my spare 15x8" and that'll make it about 15x9 or 15x10.......if it don't workout then scrue it.

The reason i want to make a set is because while rockcrawling the other day, i sliped off the rock and wedged between two, with a point of the rock stuffed inside the rim......hell to get out fo there, so i figure if i make a set with a big outside ring it won't only look cool but won't let that happen anymore.

Where are you trying to get them from. AJP off-road or what ever it is won't ship them in? how much does National tire want.......i couldn't imagin after what bill paid for his swampers.....:^)
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