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First thing we did was remove the stock shocks and springs, then leveled the chassis with the suspension at full compression. Removed the stock bumpstops and did some light clearancing in order to get a little bit more bump-travel, but Toyota did such a good job with the suspension design and packaging on these trucks that we were able to get the axles all the way up to the point where they were touching the bottom of the framerails (front-and-rear) without much trouble at all. So we're going to stick with the stock suspension linkage for now. There's no room to improve on it up front without starting over from scratch, and that would kind of defeat the whole point. In the rear, we're probably going to leave the stock four-link and panhard bar too, mostly so we can keep gas tank in the stock location (remember, it's a 4-seater). The front suspension cycles about 13" of vertical wheel-travel and the rear is closer to 15".

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