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Originally Posted by Buck Dodson View Post
I'm not too sure I would be comfortable driving the 3 link I'd have to build, on the road, at speed, and being able to drive to the trails was just about my #1 requirement for this rig.

Iíve read both of your link builds and also read 472Scoutís. It appears you did a lot of research so maybe you ran across some 3 link issues you did not mention. What made you uncomfortable about driving a 3 link? Fabrication skills and relying on one link or the way it functions? If function, what?

Iím in the layout phase of linking my 80 and do not see a way to get the upper (third) link to the middle of the axle due to obstructions. Iíve read that attaching the single upper link offset to one side will cause the Scout to pull to the opposite side of the Scout the link is on during braking. I can see how this would happen and am curious if you ran across the same issue.

If anyone else has experienced this please share.

Also, how close do the top of your front tires get to your coilovers on the front during articulation?
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