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Th400 rebuild time...

Well I have to rebuild my th400 before this season for sure, was hoping to get through a year before building it but that won't happen so might as well do her up a bit I want it to handle what I do and last, but without breaking the bank

Going in chevy k20 with healthy bbc(400+hp) and a divorced 205 case, tons,tci saturday night special stall for the th400 , 44 boggers ,etc..

Called Rossler transmission and they are booked for 8 weeks so I am going to the local mister transmission Just hoping to get kinda a list together of what I should make sure to tell them, or parts to use, etc.

I want to have P,R,N,1,2,3 shift pattern instead of the old P,R,N,3,2,1 and I will not be using the kickdown and will always manually shift it. So I think a TCI reverse manual valve body should go in there? Oh yeah and they have 2 of them I see on summit, one with engine breaking, I assume I want that one? (i like my gears slowing me down)

Should I ask for a high flow pump?

Mister T guy said they will use extra clutches and can do a few other things but wasnt very specific... So I wanna know what I am talking about for when I bring the trans over and talk to him about what I want tomorrow.

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