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Originally Posted by CITY WORK View Post
How narrow is to narrow on these little scouts? I have a 67 that I just put a 60" wms rear 60 under it and I don't really want to go any wider when I build the front 60 if I can get away with it. I am more comcerned with turning with 37's. I am also going to link the front.
I want to go 59 inches WMS-WMS in the rear and 60 inches in the front. Basically Scout II width. This should put the tread on the tires (315/75R16 on 16x8) I have just inside the wheel well in the rear.

I watched Buck figure out his front end width and followed the logic and do not think I could get to 60 inches in the front without limiting the turning radius too much. Iím using a Chevy ĺ ton Dana 44 with a 69 inch WMS-WMS in front. Right now there is 41 inches between the tires when turned to lock so I can narrow the front 6 inches and not rub the 35 inch wide frame. Walla! Iím right at 63 inches which Buck ended up with but still want to go narrower. In reality the width I end up with is going to be determined by which axle shafts I end up using. The early math shows 61-1/2 to 62 inches is probable.

Buck, I donít intend to hijack your thread. My planning on my project just seems to verify what you did.
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