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Ultimate Pirate Flatty Build Threads

Welndmn's 47 CJ2A
euroford’s 50 CJ3A On the Trail
BKWUDZ’s 48 CJ2A In Progress
sammyg’s 47 CJ2A On the Trail
jalbrecht42’s 47 CJ2A On the Trail
Svaras’s CJ3A On the Trail
mikeg1713’s 45 CJ2A On the Trail
MrFreeze5's 1942 GPW
302cj3a's 51 CJ3A In Progress
last person's 51 M38
Peow130's 51 CJ3A In Progress
DutchVDub's 48 CJ2A In Progress
danielbuck's 46 CJ2A On the Trail

Brian1’s 42 GPW
Svaras’s 42 MB On the Trail and sold
rockinkcollins’s CJ3A In Progress
2003ram’s 44 MB In Progress
MACHINIST’s 47 CJ2A In Progress
JOHN3676's M38 In Progress
Dirt-Fab’s 48 CJ2A In Progress
oze30’s 42 MB In Progress
crash’s 45 CJ2A
1dunner’s 42 GPW
vermontcj3a’s CJ3A
2a toy’s 48 CJ2A
wildwilly4x4’s M38 On the Trail
Heimaster80's 46 CJ2A In Progress
Rooney77's 42 MB In Progress
dezrik's 49 CJ3A In Progress
Heimaster80's other 46 CJ2A On the Trail
lurch9's 52 M38
Mr.RatBastard's 53 M38
superdooty's 62 CJ3B In Progress
locked 4x4's 53 CJ3A
Wjeeper's YJ-2a In Progress
82cj7401's 56 DJ3A In Progress
SoccerGuy3's 48 CJ In Progress

Cave’s flatty thing Sorta in between In Progress and On the Trail
csutton7’s 47 CJ2A In Progress
1946CJ2’s 48 CJ2A
FordFacist’s 45 GPW On the Trail
rckme52’s CJ3A On the Trail
stieg000’s 51 CJ3A
middayskulker's 48 CJ2A
95steel's CJ2A In Progress
h8sprint's CJ3A In Progress

Low Center of Gravity:
Mieser’s 42 MB On the Trail
BeaverTown’s 41 MB In Progress

Flatty inspired buggies:
RoxRoe’s Flatty Buggy On the Trail
I Have a Welder’s 49 CJ2A
Dirty S10’s 50 CJ3A
ScreminLizard’s 47 CJ2A On the Trail
wilez5150’s 42 MB On the Trail
samurai4u’s 47 CJ2A
Team Willys’ MB
Hulk’s buggy
Dusty Booger’s 48 CJ2A
MudTruck44's Torchmate Buggy On the Trail
cmthomas' M&M Offroad Buggy
dobbs-1's CJ2A based buggy
MNtal's Buggy

Not a Pirate flattie but well worth a look:
The Mad Brits' 56 CJ3A On The Trail

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