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So what do you guys think? I was a little bored and thought that this might come in handy.

I did my best to put these under the catagories that I thought they should be in. I know that there could be alot of overlap between catagories too. However if you don't like where one is or if you have another to add, PM me or post it up here and I'll put it with the rest.

My criteria for each catagory: (again this is my opinion and if we need to change names or anything I'm open)

Restomod= 35" or under tires, stock type suspension, general retro vibe

Modified= 35" or over tires, stock/modified suspension, stretched wheelbase and/or sheetmetal <6"

Streched= Modified with wheelbase/sheetmetal stretch >6"

Low COG= Mieser's build

Buggies= Tube frame. This was the one that I had the most trouble with, builds like Dirt-Fab's that are using the stock body on a round tube chasis. Is it a buggy or a flatty?

*Disclaimer* I just went through all 15 pages picking out build threads, they are in no particular order (other than the low COG, Mieser's is way better than mine). Also, sorry if I got the screen names wrong esp. spelling. As I catch them I'll get it right.

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