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OK Mark, you called me out!

Originally Posted by TurtleTruck View Post
- 1st image: Short Bus is in the wrong spot. I never noticed this on the EW4C map, but it is wrong there too. This brings me to my minor complaints. Your tracks are pretty jagged and far off in many cases. There is no one line up a canyon, but in the 1st image, for example, Backdoor is up on the side of the mountain.
I put that Shot Bus on the map well before you could drive over the notch from Back Door and to camp. I believe the canyon between the notch and Back Door is the original Short Bus. Once KOH started I would here everyone one calling the notch Short Bus.

Iíve never been 100% on itís location but check out the description and pictures in this thread:


By the way our map was made a long time ago because there was no substantial map of the trails back then, there wasnít even Google maps. I used the cheapest of cheap GPS to track most of the trails without any topo underlay and then physically translate the tracks to a paper topo.

Funny story, when Google maps first came out you couldnít even see Fissure Mtn. trail because no one ever went up there. The first time we went it was the middle of the summer, middle of the week, no one on the lake bed, no moon, and started early in the evening. We thought 2 hours no problem, easy trail. It literally took us all night to find the way in the dark and almost decided to spend the last few hours of dark waiting for the sun to come up so we could tell where we were.

Good times!
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