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Originally Posted by DreamMachine View Post
DAMN IT! I just read the whole thread and the suspense is killing me! Subscribed!
Tell me about it. This project has consumed the last 3.5yrs of my life, and it'll be at least a few more months before the truck is all put back together, and probably another six months to finish it. That's if everything goes well. All comes down to time and money. Building something like this is obviously a lot of work, and I made the decision early-on that I was not going to let it put me into debt. So it's taken longer than I would have liked, but all things considered, think it's coming together pretty well. Whenever I start to get anxious, just try to take a step back and keep things in perspective. I've been working on a lot of other projects too. Some of them are the kind of things that make all this possible, and some are completely unrelated. Haven't posted much about any of that stuff because I didn't want to clutter-up this thread, but I've been spreading myself pretty thin. That's kinda how I like to work.
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