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Have been spending some time with my grandparents up at their place in Lake Tahoe this summer. Just helping them out with a few things, and the other day my Grandpa wanted to hang some lattice to hide the 'junk' that he's been storing under the back patio. So I walked around to the back of the house to give him a hand.

Tripped over this old dinghy from his sailboat. Reminded me that I wanted to take that home and restore it. Being on my Grandpa's sailboat was one of my earliest memories, and is probably where I got the wanderlust that's led me to build this monstrosity of a motorhome.

My Grandpa was a builder in Lake Tahoe, and when his two boys (my Mom's younger brothers) graduated highschool, he sold their house in the keys and bought a sailboat. They set off across the pacific ocean in '79 (the same year I was born), and spent the next few years exploring the Tahitian and Hawaiian islands. One of my uncles never left Hawaii, and now that my grandparents are retired, they spend most of their time over there too. Grandma is still not too thrilled about the fact that he sold her dream-home to go off on this little adventure, but goddamn - how cool is that?

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