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They have the raddest stories, like how they used to have an old scooter or minibike of some kind that they would use to run around on the islands and pick up groceries and stuff. Well they went some islands where those people had never seen any kind of motorized vehicle, so they spent a few days giving all the little kids rides around the island. They also had a scuba tank compressor onboard, and my Grandpa said that was worth it's weight in gold. They were able to fill scuba tanks for people, and it didn't cost them anything, but imagine how much a favor like that might be worth on some of those some of those remote islands back then. He used to tell me these stories, probably not knowing the impression that they made on me. But when I started thinking about traveling and living on the road, I remembered what he'd told me about bartering and trading and trading favors.

So I've got the ability to process massive quantities of fuel and water, hot water heaters that will allow a small army of people to take hot showers simultaneously, and will be able to produce copious amounts of electricity. In more civilized areas, I'll hope to continue working as a designer, but I'll also have a trailer full of tools. FULL of tools. All kinds of tools. Obviously metalworking stuff, but lots of other stuff too; from woodworking, to composites, to plastic welders, to industrial sewing machines, to gardening tools... what do you need?
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