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Originally Posted by Rocky View Post
That is a very cool heritage your family has Jesse! I often question the lives we lead....are we really leading or unknowingly following.
I know, right? My Grandpa is a badass!

Originally Posted by Rocky View Post
On the subject of toilets and since we have some history there, your old Thetford Aquamagic that you sent my way is still in action in a portable sea container shop, my buddy said it does the job but it is quite breakable and it does stink unless you use a lot of chemical.

You will have the coolest toilet in your rig, you have managed to find a toilet that has character! What are the odds?
That's unfortunate, but not surprising. It does seem to be on the delicate side of things. Very 'plastic-ey'. Not really what I want in a toilet. Even in a motorhome, but especially one that I'll be living in fulltime. Bummer about the stink too. What about water consumption? Still don't really know much about how that solid/liquid separating and recirculating stuff actually works.
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