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Originally Posted by SideshowBob View Post
Badass stories. How big was the Mariah? 50ft about?

Who is that in the pic with the fish? uncle?

Those are some old old shitters, I would check the seals in them, they tend to rot out and then run constantly.
Mariah was a 50ft long, 13ft wide, motor-sailboat made in Holland in the late 60's by Beister. Had a steel hull that was 3/16" below the waterline and 1/8" above the waterline. Weighed about 50-tons. Grandpa bought it from the original owners, who had taken it all over the world, from Europe down through the Canal and all over the Pacific and up to Alaska and a bunch of other places.

Yeah, that's my uncle Joe. Couldn't find any pics of his brother Rick. They both turned 21 on that boat. Can you imagine?

Thanks, planning on completely disassembling and rebuilding at least one of these toilets.
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