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DIY4X A-Bomb Bumper Center Question

I am looking to purchase the A-Bomb bumper center from DIY4x, but I have a question I need answered before I do so. Does anyone know if you can install a winch after the abomb has already been installed on the truck? I don't have a winch yet (though I plan to run a laydown anywhere from 8000lbs - 10000lbs when funds permit). I don't want to have to remove the entire bumper later just to install a winch, but i also don't want to wait to install the bumper until i get a winch. I already emailed Kert about this, and he said he has never tried so he doesn't know for sure. If there is anyone on here who has the abomb that can asnwer this for me, that would be great. Just for everyones info, I plan on getting the normal abomb (no modifications) and it will be going on an 86 K5. Thanks in advance!
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