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That brings us... TO TODAY!

I finally decided it was time to do some things right, and if i wanted to have a semi-reliable, halfway fun vehicle next summer, that i'd need to re-do the suspension on this pig.
Re-doing the suspension requires me to re-do the motor mounts. It's like killing two birds with one stone.

So, yesterday/today i decided to start pulling everything apart..

I'm going to re-do the motor mounts. I'd like my jeep to sit lower. Right now, the spacers between the frame and hangers add an inch or two, and i don't like it.

I'm either going to convert it back to SUA with YJ, or i'm going SOA with YJ.
I have no intention of swapping in a dana 35, any different axles, etc. Mine are just fine. This thing isn't a crawler.

I think i'm going to fully box the frame, re-make the transmission crossmember, as well as the front crossmember.

I'm not going to build a frame. The funding isn't there, and i don't really feel like setting up the geometry for everything again. As it sits, the jeep drives comfortably down the road, tracks straight, etc.

So.. Here it is, the Blue Bastard (From parts unknown)
Fuckin shitbox 2005 F150
53' CJV35-U, HO 5.0, 4 speed, etc.
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