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Originally Posted by MrWillys View Post
You're in deep now. Looks kind of familar actually. Have you looked at the Novak site for the Ford conversion advice?
Yeah, my tub has been modified for the 302/289 already, so i've got MORE than enough underhood real-estate.

The only set-back for me is the price of the D18 to T18 adapter. And the fact that i have to tear down the T18. It's not something i'm 100% sure on.

I have a plan for the frame, as well. I don't really want to build a new frame because the cost is too much, so i'm going to straighten mine where it cracked on the pass. side, then box the frame up to the front frame horns. The crossmember that is in the front is going to be gone, and i'm going to replace it with one similar to the style in Mieser's homebuilt frame, and just have the one in the front. The others are going to stay, but the rear is going to get plated up.

And i'm sure you're curious as to why i bought the 302. Turns out the 289 i have is a 5 bolt bellhousing pattern 289, which ended in 64. Theres no bellhousing that goes from the bolt pattern to the big pattern on the T18 or NP435 or ANYTHING. So it's a perfectly good engine, that's rendered useless because of one thing.
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