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Everyone knows jumping on pavement would be fun

All kidding aside, I think the amount of time at each extreme is a factor BUT this chassis is also going to be running only a 12" stroke shock so the percentage of travel it will be using will he higher. Using even 3" of uptravel is 50% available and will in pretty heavily into the change of roll axis, AD, etc.

Does anyone have any decent numbers on what is too much roll axis slope in the negative direction? I am right about -2 degrees static but it progressively gains to full bump. I guess this would add understeer as it goes into bump.....good or bad?

It looks like Anti-Dive/Anti-lift is fairly independent of Roll axis. With a few different mounting holes that is easy to tune if I have the space. Adding AD/AL is pretty easy, but having less than 50% at ride height is going to be a little hard with the space available.

The front axle also travels rearward upon compression but not much. This should help the front end from getting stuck or having the pogo feeling when trying to bump up a ledge while climbing?
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