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Questions on my 5.3 and sm465 swap. Help!

I have a few questions and I'm looking to get done with this by the middle of May. A little info first. Its all going in an 87 yj and i have it sitting on Chevy axles now. Full width 44 up front and full width 14 in the back. The rear is stretched 4". I know the 44 is not top choice but in my area that's all I could find without spending 900$.
First question, steering setup. High steer is nice but it seems like its overly expensive. There are no rocks to climb around here ( lower Alabama) and I can't spend that much on steering because my boat blew a piston and I was wanting a new boat anyway but I NEED to finish this jeep! I was thinking about the flipping the tie rod and running from stabilizer hole to pitmann with the drag link but I'm spring over. Is that possible without hitting springs? Then I looked at getting on high steer arm on passenger side and running drag link to Pittman. I just wanted to get a consensus and if anyone has any other ideas I'd be glad to know them.
Second question, I built a custom fuel tank out of 1/4" aluminum and was planning on running external pump. Good idea or bad? If its not a bad idea then should I drill a hole in bottom of tank and weld in a pipe for fuel outlet and one for return? Or should I use one pipe with a tee? Also if you have a suggestion on a pump I should use that would be great!
Third question what clutch do you suggest?
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