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Help if you can please

So I saw this thread while surfing for possible feedback and I thought I might give it a try and see if anyone here can help as it all seems Dana 18 related.

I have a 76 CJ-7 with 400 cube SBC + TH400. I decided to do away with the quadratrac last year May when original Morse chains were discontinued.

I ordered an Advance Adapters Th-400 / Dana 18 adapter, and built up a large hole dana 20 case as a Dana 18 configuration.

Novak hardened intermediate shaft, full rebuild kit including brand new timken bearings.

Brand new Rear output shaft sourced through Novak, OE unit, not Omix.

Decided to go with the Tera Low 3.15:1 gearset, and built the unit to spec.

Now jeeps of that era are few and far between in South Africa, so getting help here is really a thumbsuck at best so I really don't bother much with local technical advice.

Bottom line, the transfer case is so noisy at normal range driving its unbearable. The noise starts as a loud drone at low speed becoming a loud whine at high speed. As a test I decided to install stock 40+ year old gears in the case as comparison, much much quieter, still makes some noise, but not nearly as bad.

So I called Tera Low and queried if the excess noise could be because of their gears, they kindly shipped me a complete new set of gears with gasket set NO CHARGE!! to compare, big big thumbs up to the Tera team, thats service!

Same damn noise all over again, I've tried different viscosity gear lubes in the case, no notable difference, I've checked and re-checked the rear shaft end play, no notable difference again.

I've got a friend with a CJ-5, Dana 18 with Fairey overdrive unit, stock gears, and its quiet, like really quiet.

So where am I going wrong, I'm considering throwing a piece of stock in the lathe and cutting up a taper bearing system for the intermediate gear / shaft, but I'm not certain just how much this will effectively reduce noise.

Alternately I'm considering just purchasing the Dana 20 rear sliding gear and converting the whole affair to Dana 20 with centered rear out, but this means a whole damn axle change, exhaust re-routing and brake re-engineering at the very least.

Am I expecting too much on the dana 18, is it a really noisy case, or maybe someone out there has had a similar experience with the Tera Low gears, not really sure where to go on this one, but I would really appreciate feedback if any!

With real thanks - MArco 7

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