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Originally Posted by juggernaut0055 View Post
yes rooney77, the search button is as broke as your comprehension of the English language. If you don't have something positive to say then stay out of it! jack azz.

I have done a crap load of searches with conflicting results and nothing pertinent to MY application that CLEARLY outlined what parts were used from what year vehicles.

THANK YOU weaselworx & mh4runner for chiming in. Maybe I should explain a few things, My jeep was a quadratrac, passenger side drops. 305chevy w/th400 automatic tranny to the quadratrac tcase.

Im contemplating dropping in a 4.3 with either a th350 or 4L60. I have bought a Dana 18 tcase which will keep my current driveline geometry. I am NOT mudding, or rock climbing...just a street jeep. just looking to make it as comfy as possible for my 5'2" 100lb wifey.
Don't be a dick. You won't find it unless you look for specific, for each item.

Cheapest way is to buy a later model CJ Dana 30 front and use the parts off of that for the front. I would suggest a '79 to '81, better hubs. I changed to GM pickup calipers, better yet, but some $ for brackets. I had the right spindles to start with. You don't need to change knuckles.

Why disc rear? For your use, rear drums will be fine.

Then your existing MC will work. Buy a new proportioning valve for one of the CJ model years above.

Power steering box depends on a lot of things, kind of depends on your engine, and what pump you can get. Your original post left out some important information...

Steering column? What's wrong with what you have? GM Tilt, late 70's is pretty typical.

Can't remember the blower motor thing, seems like late 70's blazer without AC. I would have to search to be sure. Not sure it's worth my effort.

Of course, the advice you receive on the internet is worth only what you pay for it... Probably should fact check mine.
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