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Crazy story #1: Two best buds are on the way back from picking up a new trail rig when they have an accident (no alcohol involved w/ the driver). Best bud #2 is killed. Best bud #1 is somehow charged w/ involuntary manslaughter and leaving the scene (waited until paramedics got there and followed them to the ER, cops said I should have waited for them at the scene). Now serving month 2 of 1 yr electronic house arrest, to be followed by 3-5 yr probation. Definition of torture: 1-lose your best friend at the age of 23 combined w/ 2-being able to look out your window and see your 4x4's in the parking lot, but knowing that you will go to jail for 4.5 yrs if you get behind the wheel- they decided to take my license until I'm off of probation completely.
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