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Thanks to Mr Jitz and a couple buddies, I got about 10 hours of work in on her this weekend! Being that I had some help, we started off with trying to tame the unruly mass of wires and non-working gauges. Before the day started, I had an aftermarket water temp gauge that moves that that's it. I at leasted wanted oil psi as well. After chasing wires for a bit, I realized that there was no sending unit... We robbed one off of my spare F motor and hooked it up. I now have two working gauges!

Other wiring fixes included looming, adding a larger ga charge wire and an additional ground strap. We also played around with switches trying to get them to work. So far I have lights with fiddling, 1 front heater speed, hazards and 1 windshield wiper speed... Good enough for now.

I then measured out everything for the new fuel cell. I think I know what all I to buy and that will be ordered soon. Right now it has a 22 gal coming through the floor. This will obviously not work with a rear seat! I'm planning on going to a 16 gal and most of the floor will be replaced. This is what I currently have:

After that, I decided to start going through the front axle. I was working slowly for sure but I was trying to inspect everything while I was going along. I am in the middle of putting the driver side back together right now. Hopefully I'll be able to sneek out into the shop to finish it up this week.
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