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i hacked all the shit outta the way(gas tank, shock/leaf spring mounts), then setup the 1/4 elip. springs and drew links on actual pics of my truck and posted here. a couple of pointers from guys who have done it before and i ended up with a real nice setup.

you can throw down perfect link lengths, mounting angles, vertical seperations and roll axis points, but whether or not you can actually get it to fit your frame and around your vehicles ancillaries(gas tanks, floorboard, crossmembers, etc)is another, there is no generic setup that we all can use.

like iron bender said, youll end up with soooooo may comments from fawkin morons that dont know shit, youll have to filter through it all. i had to read forever through all the posts to slowly figure out who the hell was a genuine person with some worthy knowledge and who was some jackass pulling his ass inards out and smearing it on the internet....good luck, youll love wheeling without axle wrap and hopping
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