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Rooster rock is cool. I ran that trail a couple months ago, the day after they opened it. I was testing a new 4-link / coilover setup in the back it it wasn't setup quite right. About half way up, the front left tire came off the ground and stayed up for about 20 feet or so. Then, it went WAY up and I had to stop. I was a bit nervous because I had my wife, mom and 2nd cousin (7 years old) in the Jeep at the time. There was also a friends wife at the bottom with a camera. As soon as I stopped, she went running. Good thing because I thought I was about to back down the hill (not my choice). Anyways, here's a pic after the front end came down.

Very cool trails up there. We've got a small group running through Dusy over Labor day. Did that for the last couple years. Heck, two years ago it snowed on us on the way in, snow in September! Gotta love it.
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