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Originally Posted by evenBIGGERrock View Post
My tinfoil is probably on too tight, but my suspicion is it's probably the auto mfgs. lobbying the gooberment to make goofy laws so things stay in their favor.
I'm not seeing that one. The more performance and aftermarket parts there are for a given model of car or make, the more popular that model or make is and the more it sells. Look at new JKs, one of the reasons they are becoming so common out there is the availability of aftermarket parts. There is an easy, bolt on solution to just about any off road issue on a JK. It helps to market and sell the vehicles.

I don't doubt you'll see more shops not want to deal with custom engine swaps though. Its easier to make money on the common everyday vehicles, but I'm sure there will still be those shops that like the challenge.

BTW, if you don't like the smog laws, make it known to your political reps in your area. The politicians gave the CARB its power and they can take it away too. Most everyone seems to have forgotten about that!

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