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Most likely it can be repaired. You want to take it to a shop that specializes in section repairs, or a retread plant. The patch that they use has cord material in it to support the ones that are damaged. Any injury larger than 1/4" diameter in passenger tires and over 3/8" in truck tires, requires a section repair. The size I think would work is a 4-2 bias, the 4 representing a patch 4" in diameter and the 2 meaning the patch has two layers of cord in it. Use a good quality product such as Tech Tire, Patchrubber, or Rema with same brand cement, others may not have the same quality control
Caveat #1 The high speed balance could be thrown off by one of these and the ability of the shop to add a weight patch may help.
Caveat #2 The flex we put our tires through is very, very, (repeat as neccessary) detrimental to patch adhesion and the tire may still fail, but its cheaper than throwing the tire away immediately.
Caveat #3 The patch size is a guess and should be left to a tech who has examined the injury.
Caveat #4 If you try this on your own and it fails, I have no money to sue for
This was already the most interesting thread on pirate, then a tank shows up.
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