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20 August 2011

Progress report

It's all apart : ( took them the first two weeks

The rear cab removed
The front top of the cabin removed
The front bottom of the cabin removed.

They have pressure hosed eveything and the engine and gearbox out today to have the engine replaced with a 15B Hino Diesel which we will add a turbo and intercooler separately.

Anyone done a 15B conversion here? I know in West Malaysia they do a 14B-T conversion and H55F gearbox - at present I planning to keep the existing gearbox and hope it can handle the torque from the diesel if not I replace it with a H55F also. THis is the specs of the 15B-T which is what the end result will be.

Since 1995 this engine has powered the mighty MegaCruiser.
* displacement: 4104 cc 4CYL
* injection: turbo direct
* horsepower: 155 (114kw) at 3200 rpm
* torque: 288 ft-lbs (382N.m) at 1800 rpm
* valves: 16 ohv
* bore and stroke 108 and 112mm respectively

Shocks being measured up so I can order a very nice set of shocks from amadaextreme.com if they can make one big enough .

Chassis is now being stripped and we are going to sandblast and paint it the final colour

I am looking at painting it this colour

Tamiya Color Spray Paints and colour number TS-46 Light Sand

which is of course one of the usa desert storm colours as close a match as I can get. Can anyone else give me a colour code so I can give it to the painter

I can paint my truck military colours but not malaysian army colours

Today I go to collect the 18,500lb electric which I have put a deposit on it runs 24Volt so the Volvo is going to be converted to 24Volts which will not be an issue as the 15B engine is probably going to be 24volts anyway.

Pictures coming soon..
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