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F'in A man. Those were some proper quick runs! VAST improvement over your first time out. First, I love the auto panning camera. Some people pay big bucks for that kind of setup. Good camera placement. Those poor struts were defiantly loosing their guts all over your tires. When you replace them, look for a good stock strut. If your going to invest in anything, get a good set of performance swaybars. For rally-x, you dont need stupid amounts of suspension travel like gravel rally. Your not doing jumps etc. The stock spring rate and valving is fine for this application. What you want to cut down on is body roll. Swaybars are the key for that as well as urethane suspension and steering bushings. Those simple upgrades will take you to the next level of racing dynamics.

Footwell: Ditch the floor mats! Im surprised that tech inspection didnt make you get rid of them. They have a nasty habit of sliding around and getting wedged under the throttle or brakes.
Nice inputs here with your throttle/brakes. Here is a little trick you learn in rally school. (not that I went. I just learned from experience) When the car gets loose and squirmy, instead of taking your foot off the throttle and tapping the brakes to reign it in, keep your foot on the throttle giving the car power and use your left foot to apply the brake at the same time. This will bring the car back in and you wont loose momentum or have to rev back into your power band. In PGT rally, this is an absolute must. We run the stock punny turbo and a 32mm restrictor on it as well. If you take your foot off that throttle even for a split second, thats it. Your power is gone for a few crucial seconds until the turbo can spool back up again. It works remarkably well. More so in loose, muddy conditions.

I dont have much input for your driving as your getting it down rather damn well, man. Your finding good lines. Braking later and later in the runs. You letting the cars momentum work for you, not against. Your letting your car swing wide at the right times, and your hugging the corners that set you up for the next one. Your no longer driving like your on a tarmac track. Your driving like you should on dirt! Honestly, your getting the feel for this faster than quite a few pro drivers I know
The only thing I can add is avoid the dug in ruts from the other racers when ever possible. You can find more traction in soil thats not all torn up. Hmm.
Hell, thats about it.
Upgrade your swaybars, bushings and get some beefier tires and you will have a great performing car that you can grow with.

Build up your car slowly. One upgrade at a time. Let it grow as your skill level grows with it. I know too many people who drive a car thats beyond their ability. (most STI owners ) And it bites them in the end.

Bravo man. I have a distinct feeling that you have slipped into the obsession that quite afew of us have come to know. I look forward to one day, seeing your name on the window of a rally car next to mine in tech inspection at a stage rally.


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