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Congressman Andy Barr, the USFS, and Judge Executive of Powell County James Anderson toured Sand Lick, KY recently with a purpose to increase dialogue on the proposed project in Sand Lick and also the illegal closure of the narrows and Sand Lick Road CR 1057 in 2006. The Congressman viewed the 20' wide 70' long trenches dug to bedrock by the USFS along the historic Sand Lick Road on the way to the narrows. He stood on the narrows personally. He understood the scope of the 2006 project first hand, which included the trenching of Sterling Road of Wolfe County (the 'nature trail' which has ingress/egress onto US 11 near Natural Bridge State Park) and Mill Creek Lake. Over eight miles of county roads were damaged and attempted to be blocked via 'tank trap' in order to illegally prevent public motoring by the USFS. The Judge Executive James Anderson made sure all parties were aware of the scope of impact the USFS's actions continue to have on the local counties, specifically Powell County. He has vowed to protect county resources like recreational county roads with all of his power. Many other local county Judges Executives feel the same way.

The counties are in support of a new tourism initiative called the Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway. This network of county roads, maintained by the counties and the Friends Of The Daniel Boone (FOTDB) volunteer group, will serve to preserve the historic and rugged county roads of eastern Kentucky and revitalize the tourism economies that suffered so terribly when the USFS changed it's travel management rules in 1998. This action closed thousands of miles of roads in the Daniel Boone National Forest, many of which are county roads. This had a lasting, drastic impact on the local communities. The Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway (DBBB) is a long term, sustainable solution to recreation access in the forest. The DBBB will keep all county roads safe from illegal closures and in the rightful hands of the people of the counties.

Stay tuned for much more on the DBBB and the FOTDB. The Judge Executives are smiling on the concept and actually, we wish for the public to enjoy their county roads to the very utmost everyday. Ride the roads with pride! Just like our rights as citizens, if you don't use them, then they will disappear! Use your rights, use your county roads!

Also, the Jeep Jamboree is coming back to Slade, KY.
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