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I am one of those people who pushed the limit of this axle. It didn't break on me but just got bent at the flange and cause my rotor and wheel to wobble enough to get me to do something about it. It didn't take that much to bend it either, but was just enough combination of things together. First of all I was stuck. My rear end was wedged in between 2 larger boulders so tight that I was in 4-low, diff locked, and flooring the gas, and the wheels didn't move. The auto trans ecu has a cutout limit, so about 3000 rpm was as much as I was allowed to push the engine. So I got snatched (forward, uphill) out of that spot, took 2 or 3 pulls. On top of that I had 1.25" wheel spacers at the time (removed now) increasing the leveraged stress on the flange.

So to change out the axle shaft, I had to fab this tool. This was my 2nd welding project ever (the 1st project being the welding table it's sitting on). Basically, I bought a welder, and spent 3 months teaching myself how to use it.

I used a HF 20-ton press, and yes I had to push it hard, probably making it pressing 21 tons .

I agree this is not a trailside repair, unless you are willing to carry the spare with bearing and backing plate pressed in. The unit bearings and backing plates are left/right specific, so you would need to carry 2 sets.

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