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The Gorman Ridge rally is brutal. Its not really a race for cars. Just survival. Big rocks, deep ruts. Its hard to carry speed on any of the stages. Its just proof that on the west coast, its getting harder and harder to get permits for good trails to race on. There are generally few entries for Gorman in comparison to other rallys. I ran it once. Bent both rear control arms. Broke one wheel and bent up my exhaust. And I didnt even have an off track excursion. Just f-ing big ass rocks that seem to roll right into the middle of the damn course. After that I beefed the hell out of my undercarriage protection and fabbed up exhaust system that tucked into the trans tunnel to keep it out of harms way.
Fun: Yes. But its more of a rally truck kinda course. I hate to say it. Really I do. But Id recommend skipping Gorman.
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