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Which TSL on a DD?

I know they are newbie questions and all, but the search sucks....

I run a Dodge Ram which weighs in around 6500lb and it is a daily driver (20-30k per year), but sees some faily tough use for a late model fullsize rig that is only 1/2 paid for. Typical terrain is mud, Hollister trails and rocks, Deer Valley, Niagra Rim, Moab, some granite, lots of ruts. Basically I ain't "GETTIN' IT" but I come close for me and my truck.

Do SX's have the typical bias ply behaviors (flat spots, tracking, etc)?
Will the SX's wear faster than the radials on the street?
If you had to choose between the SX and the Radial TSL, which would you choose to put on your fullsize daily driver?

The price between the two are very close so cost is not an issue. 36x12.50r15 is size considered.

I like my SSRs, but they are wearing fast. I am not going to sell my Dodge and buy something else either...
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